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  Country/Area: Netherlands
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8 Jan 2020
Dutch manufacturing conditions deteriorate at fastest pace for over six-and-a-half years
   Source: NEVI Netherlands Manufacturing PMI ®  -  IHS Markit


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17 Jan 2020
Just-in-time productiviteit van Simoldes verhoogt aanzienlijk met ZetesMedea
  Zetes  -  Netherlands

17 Jan 2020
New highly automated pharma warehouse in Antwerp to further support Yusen Logistics Benelux customers
  Yusen Logistics  -  Netherlands

14 Jan 2020
Acquisition of the activities of Jagged Peak in the US
  ID Logistics  -  Netherlands

10 Dec 2019
Generix Group kondigt “Generix Collaborative Replenishment” aan, een SaaS-oplossing met uitstekende service voor bevoorrading
  Generix Group  -  Netherlands

6 Dec 2019
Hoe DACHSER Rail Services kosten- en tijdbesparende transportoplossingen bieden
  DACHSER  -  Netherlands

29 Nov 2019
Rami Levy werkt 25 percent productiever met Zetes
  Zetes  -  Netherlands

27 Nov 2019
Kuehne + Nagel acquires in the Netherlands and Belgium to expand its overland network
  Kuehne + Nagel  -  Netherlands

19 Nov 2019
GEODIS and Shoes For Crews extend partnership
  GEODIS  -  Netherlands

19 Nov 2019
DB Schenker stelt leveringen veilig met hulp van Zetes
  Zetes  -  Netherlands

14 Nov 2019
Raben Group opens a new depot in Bulgaria
  Raben Group  -  Netherlands

14 Nov 2019
WE Fashion Optimises Omnichannel Merchandise and Assortment Planning with Aptos
  Aptos  -  Netherlands

13 Nov 2019
DACHSER opent nieuw logistiek centrum in Freiburg
  DACHSER  -  Netherlands

6 Nov 2019
Mammoet kiest wereldwijd voor Ctrack fleetmanagement software
  Ctrack  -  Netherlands

5 Nov 2019
How Dairy Leaders Optimize Logistics
  Ortec  -  Netherlands

5 Nov 2019
Zalando teams up with KNAPP for new distribution centre in the Netherlands
  KNAPP  -  Netherlands

30 Oct 2019
DACHSER op Transport & Logistics beurs Antwerpen
  DACHSER  -  Netherlands

30 Oct 2019
Intermarché kiest de zichtbaarheidsoplossing van Zetes voor een efficiënte supply chain
  Zetes  -  Netherlands

23 Oct 2019
UPS Vereenvoudigt Exporteren Voor Mkb-Ondernemingen En E-Tailers Met Uitbreiding Van Nieuwe Service Naar Europese Markten
  UPS  -  Netherlands

17 Oct 2019
Edoardo Podestá neemt het roer over van DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics
  DACHSER  -  Netherlands

16 Oct 2019
Prime Vision joins AI Coalition
  Prime Vision  -  Netherlands


1 - 20 of 353
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Last update 8 Jan 2020
Dutch manufacturing conditions deteriorate at fastest pace for over six-and-a-half years
   Source: NEVI Netherlands Manufacturing PMI ®  -  IHS Markit

Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

Maximum safety and reliability and reducing the costs for our customers at the same time: we are able to offer the chemical industry an extensive range of chemical logistics services that hardly any other logistics specialist can match. It is our goal to harmonise our services with your specifications in s...

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90% of consumers are using at least one ‘4th Industrial Revolution’ technology (4IR) including AI, internet of things, blockchain and drones. Consumers willing to share personal data if there’s a big...


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Missed orders reduced by 30% at Dijkgraaf-Reinders

Based in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands, Dijkgraaf-Reinders supplies a complete range of food and non-food items to restaurants, cafes, schools and healthcare organisations. Through implementing Slim4, the catering dist...

JDA Survey Finds Understanding Consumer Behavior Is the Missing Link in Manufacturers' and Retailers' Path to Omni-channel Success

In today’s highly competitive, omni-channel market, companies are realizing the path to success hinges on their ability to understand consumer behavior. Retailers and manufacturers can unlock significant competi...

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