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Eine Firmenkultur, die digitale Transformation unterstützt

In dieser Blog-Serie diskutieren wir, wie Distributoren eine Unternehmenskultur fördern können, die bereit ist für die digitalen Herausforderungen, sowie die modernen Technologien, die diese neue Art der Geschäftstätigkeit unterstützen.

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Organisatorische Hindernisse für digitale Transformation überwinden

Der Einsatz digitaler Strategien ist nicht länger nur optional. Um wettbewerbsfähig zu bleiben, marktrelevant zu sein und auf Erwartungen der Kunden zu reagieren, müssen Distributoren ihren Betrieb modernisieren. Erneuerte Technologien ist nur ein Teil der Aufgabe. Unternehmen brauchen auch eine neue Perspektive, eine völlig neue Art, Geschäftsmöglichkeiten zu betrachten. Dies erfordert eine neue Unternehmenskultur, eine, die den Wandel begrüßt, neue Technologien positiv bewertet und Mitarbeiter für kreat

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29 May 2019
5 Reasons to Adopt an S&OE Workflow

Sales and operations execution, or S&OE, is a little bit like flying an airplane. In the modern era, you already have a host of processes that have been digitized and automated, including many of the actions that pilots themselves used to be solely responsible for. Your point of departure and de

Brian Hoey

27 May 2019
How-to: Choosing the Right Logistics Technology

Whether you’re a freight forwarder seeking out a new ERP system that helps to manage the flow of goods from origin to destination or a manufacturer looking to add visibility and bolster efficiency within your own transportation management processes, selecting the right logistics or transportat

Brian Hoey

23 May 2019
Can Smarter Order Planning Reduce Production Hiccups?

Ah, the old dilemma: make to order vs. make to stock. The debate has been raging in the world of manufacturing for many years. On the one hand, making to stock (i.e. the process of creating products in anticipation of demand that hasn’t yet materialized) involves a lot of guesswork, with poten

Brian Hoey

23 May 2019
Toward a more effective supply chain

In its recent e-book, The Path to Modern Supply Chain Planning – Why the Shift from Siloed to Collaborative Is Worth the Journey, Kinaxis identifies the warning signs of ineffective planning as follows: Siloed thinking Disconnected execution Lack of executive focus Poor system perf

Richard Cushing

21 May 2019
Defining Digital Transformation – Automation, Transformation, and People

Digital transformation is on the agendas of virtually all corporations today. It has risen to the top of strategic plans and has become the focus of businesses around the globe. So great an industry evolution, IDC indicates spending on technologies and services that enable the digital transformation


16 - 20 of 384

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Operating conditions improve marginally in July
   Source: Markit Czech Republic Manufacturing PMI ®  -  IHS Markit

Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

Maximum safety and reliability and reducing the costs for our customers at the same time: we are able to offer the chemical industry an extensive range of chemical logistics services that hardly any other logistics specialist can match. It is our goal to harmonise our services with your specifications in s...

Immersive technology has arrived: AR and VR set to become mainstream in business operations in the next 3 years

New research reveals that immersive technology delivers better efficiency, productivity and safety for enterprises, and that augmented, rather than full virtual, reality will lead the way for business operations A new...


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Missed orders reduced by 30% at Dijkgraaf-Reinders

Based in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands, Dijkgraaf-Reinders supplies a complete range of food and non-food items to restaurants, cafes, schools and healthcare organisations. Through implementing Slim4, the catering dist...

The New Language of Procurement

The language of procurement speaks to an agenda driven by delivering value. Leading procurement organizations are well-versed in areas that resonate with financial officers and the performance narrative. They lead with h...

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