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Autonomous Vehicles in The Intelligent Supply Chain

In this article we discuss the impending role of autonomous vehicles in the intelligent supply chain—and how they could benefit enterprises.

Self driving trucks and ‘platooning’ have featured a lot in the news lately, drawing a heavy amount of skepticism, criticism and concern from the public. While few doubt that the future will bring autonomous fleet vehicles to our roads, the majority don’t expect it to happen any time soon. Most people expect regulatory and safety issues to take some years to resolve, despite the fact that government feasibility studies are already well underway.

The ‘Amazon effect’—the increase in point-to-point movements of products and people—is considered by industry leaders as the primary reason to move towards autonomous vehicles (AVs) in supply chains, although there are many benefits of driverless technology.



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30 Sep 2020
5 Predictions for the Automotive Supply Chain in 2021

People have been making educated guesses and predictions about the future of the automotive supply chain for as long as there’s been an automotive supply chain—many of them covering a span of decades in attempts to foresee evolution and growth. Some of these predictions can still act as

Brian Hoey

30 Sep 2020
The Future of Grocery: Enabling a Circular Supply Chain

The grocery industry is at a crossroads—either adapt and stay afloat or remain stationary and hope for the best. Changing consumer trends and expectations have made the traditional grocery retail model incapable of sustaining a successful business. And the pandemic has only sped up the rate of

JoAnn Martin

25 Sep 2020
Building end-to-end supply chain transparency in the food and beverage industry

Efficiently catering to the needs of modern-day consumer demand for transparency and sustainable manufacturing practices, maintaining food safety, and meeting ever-changing regulations are all major challenges for virtually all food and beverage manufacturers regardless of size. Without a doubt,


25 Sep 2020
Is S&OP Still Important?

Every couple of years at least, someone asks the question: is S&OP dead? Usually, those questions are brought up because of some perceived bigger and better planning process that will render S&OP obsolete, or because new reports are showing the many businesses struggle to implement S&OP

Brian Hoey

25 Sep 2020
Fast Forward to the Future of High-Tech

High-tech manufacturing is in a unique position: it is both a driver of change and at the forefront of its impact. The latest evolution of chips is enabling the next wave of consumer and industrial applications from virtual reality to artificial intelligence. High tech has allowed the business, educ

Puneet Saxena

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