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Checklist voor farmaceutische supply chain-visibiliteit

Supply chain-expert van Zetes, Sébastien Sliski, geeft u een checklist met nuttige punten waar u bij stil moet staan wanneer u serialisatie optimaal wilt benutten voor een betere supply chain-visibiliteit als groot farmaceutisch of biotechnologisch bedrijf, KMO / MKB of CPO.

1. Verdeel het project in logische, beheersbare stappen

Groot denken mag, maar voer het stapsgewijs uit. Een fout die vaak gemaakt wordt bij het implementeren van complexe projecten zoals supply chain-visibiliteit is om alle problemen in één keer te willen oplossen. Wat van belang is, is dat u begint daar waar de meeste winst te behalen valt; dat kan bijvoorbeeld zijn door de voorraden terug te brengen of de orderleveringen te verbeteren. Visibiliteit biedt de kans om de zaken onder controle te krijgen. Begin daarom dus met uw grootste problemen en ga daarna verder werken aan het complete visibiliteitsproject. Ga ook

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06 Aug 2019
Removing the “People Roadblock” to Digital Transformation

As the competition to satisfy customer demand for ever-faster deliveries has made supply chain automation a necessity, and as new technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and robotics have transformed supply chain best practices, data has bec

JDA Software-Supply Chain, Technology

02 Jul 2019
Un’unica centrale per 15 stabilimenti in tre continenti. Trelleborg Wheel Systems aumenta la produttività ottimizzando i giorni di lavoro

Trelleborg Wheel Systems - leader mondiale nella fornitura di pneumatici e ruote complete per macchine agricole e forestali, per carrelli elevatori e altre attrezzature per la movimentazione di materiali, per veicoli da costruzione, motocicli, biciclette ed altri segmenti speciali - ha migliorato le

Tecnest Competence Center

30 Jun 2019
Tous les signaux passent au rouge pour l’industrie automobile alors que le ralentissement des marchés clés et les dépenses élevées en nouvelles mobilités s'installent simultanément

La croissance mondiale d’ici 2026 sera limitée à 1,6%, avec des chutes marquées en Chine et aux Etats Unis (avant reprise) et une stagnation en Europe L’électrique a la faveur des consommateurs : 55% des Chinois (contre 25-30% des Européens et


30 Jun 2019
The auto industry is entering a ‘profit desert’ as heavy spending on new mobility and stagnation in key markets take hold simultaneously, says AlixPartners research

Powertrain costs for electric vehicles identified as being two-and-a-half times higher than for traditional vehicles, yet sales per model through 2022 predicted to be just 15% of traditional models historically; total industry sales globally forecasted to grow just 1.6% annually through 2026, as Chi


30 Jun 2019
Electrification and the “Death of Diesel” sees heavy spending on new mobility, but slowing sales and shrinking profits leads to bumpy road ahead, says AlixPartners study

The report highlights some of the challenges the industry faces going forwards: Automakers could incur a $60-billion pre-tax profit hit through 2023 86% of Chinese consumers and 59% of UK consumers polled say internal-combustion engines should be banned or further regulated Suppliers could


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Operating conditions improve marginally in July
   Source: Markit Czech Republic Manufacturing PMI ®  -  IHS Markit

Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

Even industries driven by the strictest safety and environmental regulations are capable of reducing their costs. Our solutions improve each phase of the chemical logistics supply chain, to increase your supply chain performance, improve predictability and mitigate potential problems before they arise. B...

Four out of five executives surveyed by PwC report blockchain initiatives underway.

China to overtake US as leading blockchain developer within three to five years. Trust, regulatory uncertainty identified as biggest barriers to business adoption 84% of executives surveyed by PwC report blockchain in...


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FLORIM CERAMICHE SPA: On the road to Industry 4.0: advanced planning & finite capacity scheduling

Florim Ceramiche SpA has been worldly recognised as a leader in ceramics industry for more than 50 years, thanks to its committment to research, innovation and social responsibility. Florim business style can be summa...

EU businesses say goodbye to UK suppliers as Brexit bites into key relationships

Nearly two-thirds (63%) of EU businesses expect to move their supply chain out of the UK Two-fifths (40%) of UK businesses are looking to replace their EU suppliers 25% of large UK businesses* have spe...

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