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Maverick Purchasing

Source: Procurement Glossary
Author: Paul Rogers
Institute: CIPS - UK

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Maverick purchasing involves the acquisition of categories from suppliers other than the contracted supplier, or using standards other than the agreed specification, or using processes other than the agreed process.  Any of these situations cause spend ‘leakage’, or reduction in the value of spend secured by the contracted suppliers.


Suppliers of spend analytics solutions and transactional purchasing systems describe the reduction in maverick spend as a benefit of their solutions.  In practice, maverick spend erodes the value of forecast benefits from sourcing decisions, and may affect the confidence of contracted suppliers in the buyer’s volume estimates.  However, while some maverick spend is driven by ignorance or rogue decision makers, some stakeholders choose not to use the preferred sources for legitimate reasons, and understanding why ‘maverick purchasing’ is taking place can yield valuable feedback on what stakeholders need and why.
























Job Opportunities
Logistic improvement engineer
     Best, Noord-Brabant  -  PERM  -  Philips

Procurement engineer
     Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant  -  PERM  -  Philips

Director Systems Inventory & Supply Chain Performance
     Best, Noord-Brabant  -  PERM  -  Philips

Categoy Manager IT
     Leidschendam-Voorburg  -  PERM  -  Michael Page

Senior FP&A manager Supply Chain
     Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant  -  PERM  -  Philips

Category Manager / Buyer - International Organization (FMCG)
     Eindhoven  -  PERM  -  Michael Page

Supply Chain Engineer - Pharmaceutical Industry
     Den Haag  -  PERM  -  Page Personnel

Integrated Supply Chain (ISC) Early Professional Program
     Best, Noord-Brabant  -  PERM  -  Philips

Strategisch Inkoper - Productie organisatie
     Waalwijk  -  PERM  -  Michael Page

Supply Chain Lead - Marktleider - Globale Food speler
     Bladel  -  PERM  -  Michael Page

Supply Chain Planner (Retail/ Amsterdam)
     Amsterdam  -  PERM  -  Page Personnel

Senior Consultant Insights & Analytics for Supply Chain
     Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant  -  PERM  -  Philips

Director Transport Operations Amsterdam
     Amsterdam  -  PERM  -  Inspired Search

Senior NPR Buyer - International Organization
     Venray  -  PERM  -  Michael Page

Transport Planning Manager EMEA - Bachelor/Master degree
     Rotterdam  -  PERM  -  Michael Page

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