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Source: Procurement Glossary
Author: Paul Rogers
Institute: CIPS - UK

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When a truck transports a load from A to B, the trucking company will seek a commercial load for the return journey from B to A.  This is known as the backhaul and underpins competitive pricing.  The term is also used in IT to describe the transmission of data from point to point, for example from undersea cables to exchanges.


Job Opportunities
Supply Chain Manager – Enkhuizen
     Enkhuizen  -  PERM  -  Inspired Search

Category Sourcing Manager Global Suppliers Logistics
     Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant  -  PERM  -  Philips

Productieleider (young professional) – Amsterdam omgeving
     Amsterdam omgeving  -  PERM  -  Inspired Search

Team Lead Supply & Demand Planning – Veghel
     Veghel  -  PERM  -  Inspired Search

Strategic Procurement Specialist
     Moerdijk  -  PERM  -  Michael Page

Procurement Engineer
     Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant  -  PERM  -  Philips

Planning Manager Inbound
     Amsterdam  -  PERM  -  Michael Page

Planning S&OP teamlead a.i.
     Amsterdam  -  TEMP  -  Michael Page

Procurement Manager - Industrial service provider
     Rotterdam  -  PERM  -  Michael Page

Warehouse Facility Manager EU
     Amsterdam  -  PERM  -  Michael Page

Supply Chain Manager – Midden Nederland
     Midden Nederland  -  PERM  -  Inspired Search

Senior Manager Productivity and Logistics
     Best, Noord-Brabant  -  PERM  -  Philips

Cost Category Manager - Logistics
     Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant  -  PERM  -  Philips

Strategisch Inkoper NPD & Industrialisatie
     Etten-Leur  -  PERM  -  Michael Page

Subcontract Coördinator - Market leader maritime industry
     Rotterdam  -  PERM  -  Michael Page


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