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Retail Supply Chain Collaboration: 3 Catalysts for Success


Retail Supply Chain Supply Chain Collaboration Omni-channel

Today’s retailers are determined to attack the market with innovative tactics ranging from developing unique products to helping customers finance their purchases. But at the same time, they face daunting new challenges: suppliers are more geographically dispersed than ever, product mixes have become broader and more complex, and product life cycles continue to shorten. Retail supply chain executives face questions like:
- “Are we meeting the needs of customers in all our markets?
- “How much inventory do I need and where?”
- “Can we handle the volume on the next promotion?”
- “How can I leverage technology more efficiently?”

Retail supply chain teams must look for ways to improve in-stock availability, introduce new product offerings, manage volume on door-buster promotions and streamline omni-channel initiatives. What’s the key? According to industry expert Deloitte, successful collaboration sets retail leaders apart from the crowd, transforming supply chains into strategic differentiators. Many retailers and manufacturers have adopted processes that promote partnerships, bolstered by technology that allows information to flow seamlessly across the value chain. Three areas of collaboration are key focal points:
- Bridging the gap at the early stages of the product life cycle
- Building a demand-driven network, designed for agility and resiliency
- Becoming connected and working closely with suppliers in a collaborative fashion


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