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AXLETECH INTERNATIONAL: AxleTech International speeds up financial processes with Infor VISUAL
About the companyAxleTech International is a global manufacturer and supplier of axles, axle components, brakes, and aftermarket parts for specialty trucks, commercial, military, and off-highway vehicles. The company serves the needs of the construction, material handling, forestry, mining, and agricultural markets.To   >>
HENKEL: Henkel chooses On Demand
Henkel France works in three fields: Household cleaning, Cosmetics and Adhesive Technologies. In a competitive international context, coupled with strong internal growth, Henkel France wanted to boost its competitive edge by developing internal collaborative processes and B2B processes with distributors. The company ha  >>
FERRARI: Re-engineers supply chain processes and maintains very lean inventory with Infor LN
Situation analysis- Implement new supply chain and manufacturing processes to support the launch of new V6 and V8 turbo engine families for Maserati, which is also part of the Fiat Chrysler Automobile Company.- Launch and execute various information and communication technology (ICT) initiatives, which have been strict  >>
MENEBA: Meneba develops products at lowest cost possible using Quintiq software
Meneba's processing capacity of 1.2 million tons of corn ranks it among Europe's largest corn-processing companies. Its staff of 475 realizes an annual turnover of approximately 300 million Euros.Meneba selected the Quintiq supply chain planning & optimization software in 2002 to optimize its entire production proc  >>
DROPBOX: Master stroke of order picking
The fashion industry mounts for enhanced store networks and online commerce, as picking develops to be a growing challenge. The DropBox revolutionises the order fulfillment process, since goods are picked and packed in the correct sequence - as needed to efficiently replenish the store displays.Picking for sequenced st  >>
Founded in 1979, Selco Group S.p.A. manufactures arc welding systems and power sources for aluminum, steel and stainless steel. Located in Padova, Italy, the company has a second plant in Onara and employs more than 200 people in 10 locations.Business need:What do manufacturers today have to lose if they can’t tr  >>
DSC LOGISTICS: DSC Logistics - Making Labor Management Mission-Critical
DSC views labor management as mission-critical and as at the same level of importance as its ability to receive and ship cases for customers.That's why the company implemented JDA Warehouse Labor Management to achieve a 20-plus percent reduction in its variable labor spend across its logistics network.    >>
HOYER: Future-Proofs System for Managing Intermodal Rail, Road, and Sea Transport to Meet High Growth Potential
HOYER is an independent family enterprise that dates back to 1946, and which has become one of the world’s leading bulk-logistics providers, offering comprehensive transport services and complex logistics solutions to the chemical, food, gas, and petroleum industries. More than 5,000 employees in over 80 count  >>
HYDRA ARC: Achieving Increased Visibility, Transparency, and Efficiencies
Ever have a problem with limited cash flow? Would it help to find a way to gain better visibility into your transactions and payment status? Hydra Arc thought so, and enlisted Ariba’s help to significantly reduce the days they spend waiting for payment after a job is done. You can bet that’s done wonders  >>
LISEC: The major objective was to significantly reduce overtime work
OBJECTIVEThe major objective of the warehouse reorganisation was to significantly reduce overtime work caused by extreme peak performances and high picking performance. In addition, our customer aimed for an optimum utilisation of the premises and for error reduction.SOLUTIONThe new storage system com store perfectly m  >>

1 - 10 of 362
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