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ODYSSEY TRANSPORTATION & LOGISTICS CORPORATION: Odyssey Transportation & Logistics Corporation client reference video

 Odyssey Transportation & Logistics Corporation (OL&T)
Logistics Transportation Logistics Optimization

Headquartered in Danbury, Connecticut, Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corporation (OL&T) is a leading global logistics service provider serving customers in North America, Europe and Asia.

Business need:
As its customers have continued to expand into new markets, OL&T faced the challenge of being able to support them in their logistics challenges and deliver the necessary services.

The company implemented IBM WebSphere Process Server, IBM ILOG JRules, IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Suite IBM WebSphere Partner Gateway software.

OL&T has gained a flexible platform for logistics management. The company now approaches each conversation with a customer saying, how do you want to do business with us, rather than here is how we do business with you.

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