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SÜDZUCKER: Südzucker Finds Sweet Spot in Supply Chain Optimization with IBM Solutions

Supply Chain Optimization Supply Chain Configuration Distribution & Planning Optimization

Südzucker is Europe’s leading supplier of sugar products and has an annual revenue of approximately €7 billion. The sugar segment of Südzucker operates 29 sugar factories and three refineries in 11 European countries and produces 5.4 million tons of sugar. The sugar is converted into more than 2,000 different products that are distributed to several thousand customers across Europe each year.

Business need:
Südzucker needed to reorganize their supply chain to respond to major sugar market regulation changes. They also needed to add flexibility in this structure and the associated planning process to succeed in the sugar market going forward.

The company employed a solution based on IBM® ILOG® LogicNet Plus® XE to help meet their goals for a cost-effective, flexible supply chain.

The final solution helped Südzucker quickly estimate the effects of fluctuating costs and customer demand on the supply chain network, improve profitability with optimal network configuration and network utilization, and refine production and distribution planning to optimize the use of available capacity on an on-going basis.

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