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WIENER TAFEL: Using analytics to match supply and distribution of donations with demands of organizations helps reduce fuel use and planning time

 Wiener Tafel
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Based in Vienna, Austria, Wiener Tafel is a not-for-profit organization (NPO) that distributes approximately 3 tons of surplus food to 80 social organizations for 10,000 people per day. It receives food donations from nearly 180 entities such as supermarkets, markets and companies. The deliveries are done by a pool of 300 volunteers with a fleet of five delivery cars.

Business need:
Wiener Tafel needed to create more efficient distribution routes to reduce CO2 emissions, fuel costs and food waste while helping ensure that people do not go hungry.

The company implemented an automated route optimization tool that analyzes detailed information about donors and recipients, as well as trucks and routing, allowing it for the first time to plan its pickups and deliveries based on tangible factors such as amount and food type to be donated and recipients’ specific needs.

The IBM solution helped lower fuel use by up to 10 percent, reduce route planning time by 65 percent and enabled optimized food delivery based on matching donor supply with recipient need.

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